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Wedding Music Cyprus

     Aphrodite Quintet

The Aphrodite Quintet includes two violins, viola, cello and percussion. It is a unique ensemble that can uplift the rhythms and energy of your event!

Wedding Musicians Cyprus

   Concordia String Quartet

The Concordia String Quartet includes two violins, viola and cello. It is considered the King of the ensembles with unlimited repertoire!

Wedding Music in Cyprus

       Olive String Trio

The Olive String Trio includes two violins and cello. It is a more flexible and affordable ensemble that resembles a string quartet in terms of sound!

Wedding Music Cyprus

        Artemis Trio

The Artemis Trio includes piano, violin and cello. It is the most suitable ensemble for piano lovers!

Wedding Music Cyprus

       Serendipity Duo

The Serendipity Duo includes two violins. It is a very affordable, flexible and unique ensemble, with repertoire choices that will excite you! 

Wedding Music Cyprus

       Harmonia Duo

The Harmonia Duo includes violin and cello. It is an ensemble that combines harmoniously the deep sound of the cello and the expressive melodies of the violin. 

Wedding Music Cyprus

      Stradivirus Duo

The Stradivarius Duo includes cello and piano. A beautiful ensemble to accompany your special occasion!

Wedding Music Cyprus

      Passione Trio

The Passione Trio includes guitar, violin and percussion. It is a quite unique ensemble that increases the rhythms and energy of your event, especially suitable for Latin melodies!

Wedding Music Cyprus

       Little Jazz Duo

The Little Jazz Duo includes saxophone and piano. It is the most appropriate ensemble for saxophone lovers, suitable for jazz, blues and swing!

Wedding Music Cyprus

          Alcyone Duo

The Alcyone Duo includes violin and piano. A beautiful combination  suitable for all kind of occasions!

Wedding Music Cyprus


The Band includes bass, guitar, keyboard, and drums, with male and/or female voice. It is possible to include bouzouki upon request.

Wedding Music Cyprus


The Traditional ensemble includes guitar or laouto, and violin. The traditional Cypriot “groom’s and bride’s stolisma” could not be absent from our website! Trust us and get advantage of our special offers!

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